On the Table at Monticello’s Farm Table

It is harvest time in Central Virginia, and some of the most flavorful produce of the entire growing season is hitting our plates. At Monticello’s Farm Table, our seasonally changing menu is always inspired by what our farmer partners are growing and can bring to the kitchen. You’ll see lots of recipes featuring hearty winter […]

Don’t Fall Down: Prep Your Garden for Winter Now

by Jason Young, Monticello Manager and Curator of Historic Gardens I love the fall season – open windows, the crisp chill in the morning air, canning produce and watching the flowers bloom until the frost finally wins. And as a horticulturist, I can’t stress enough how important it is to use the next few weeks […]

Why Haile Thomas Wants America’s Kids to Think Different

Posted by Haile Thomas

It’s possible that 18-year-old Haile Thomas is (not-so) quietly taking over the world, spreading her message of healthy living and empowerment for America’s youth. And we’re super ok with that. At 10, Thomas learned that her father had type 2 diabetes. So she and her family made the decision to change the way they ate […]

In the Weeds…or Not

Even Thomas Jefferson had to deal with weeds in his gardens. Some 200 years later, we’re still fighting the war on weeds at Monticello. We asked our expert gardening team to share their best tips and tricks to keep the weeds in your garden at bay.  Here’s what they told us: Bare soil will always […]

A Sweet Kinda’ Heat

Posted by William Dillon, Monticello Have you ever heard of pepper jelly? If you’re from the south, that question might offend you. Pepper jelly is a preserve in jelly form that sits comfortably somewhere between a jam and a relish. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, and it’s versatile enough to add to just about everything. Atop […]

Nothing Says Summer Like Gazpacho!

Posted by Wilson Richey

Video Credit: GDZ Photo Summer Gazpacho by Wilson Richey, Farm Table Café Adapted from “The Virginia Housewife” cookbook by Mary Randolph, 1824 Serves 4-6 people 8 medium sized tomatoes 1/2 baguette, or the equivalent from day-old, country-style bread 4-6 small cucumbers 2-3 medium white onions 4 tablespoons yellow mustard 2 cups good olive oil 2 cups water Salt and pepper You will need: 1 pot for boiling water 1 medium sauce […]