Flippin’ Paw Paw

by Ian Glomski, founder of Vitae Spirits Distillery Ingredients:  1.5 oz.              White Rum (suggest Plantation 3 Stars or similar) 1.0 oz.              Paw Paw extract (see notes) 0.25 oz.,          Bay leaf extract (see notes) 0.25 oz.           Lemon Balm extract (see notes) 1 tsp                Amaretto 1 tsp                fresh lime juice 1 tsp                honey […]

Jefferson’s Chickens at Monticello

Posted by Pat Foreman

In the 1800s, many gardens, homesteads and farms raised livestock. Animals were integrated into the fabric of everyday life, providing daily sustenance and being a part of the community’s commerce. Monticello’s gardens and orchards are world-famous for vegetable and fruit production. The volumes of garden notes and sketches by Jefferson give deep insights into production […]