A Sweet Kinda’ Heat

Posted by William Dillon, Monticello Have you ever heard of pepper jelly? If you’re from the south, that question might offend you. Pepper jelly is a preserve in jelly form that sits comfortably somewhere between a jam and a relish. It’s sweet, it’s spicy, and it’s versatile enough to add to just about everything. Atop […]

Nothing Says Summer Like Gazpacho!

Posted by Wilson Richey

Video Credit: GDZ Photo Summer Gazpacho by Wilson Richey, Farm Table Café Adapted from “The Virginia Housewife” cookbook by Mary Randolph, 1824 Serves 4-6 people 8 medium sized tomatoes 1/2 baguette, or the equivalent from day-old, country-style bread 4-6 small cucumbers 2-3 medium white onions 4 tablespoons yellow mustard 2 cups good olive oil 2 cups water Salt and pepper You will need: 1 pot for boiling water 1 medium sauce […]

In Pursuit of…Pasta

In the words of the great film director, Federico Fellini, “Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” The always busy Fox-Bruguiere family looks forward summertime food, family and fun. Fox-Bruguiere is the garden and outreach coordinator for Monticello’s Center for Historic Plants — located at Jefferson’s Tufton Farm – where she also curates the […]

Peas on Earth

Thomas Jefferson happily noted that by staggering the planting of peas – his favorite vegetable – he was able to eat them fresh from the gardens between the middle of May to the middle of July. Just as it was in Jefferson’s day, the 1000-foot garden remains a source of pride and joy for Monticello, […]

First Harvest at Tufton Farm: Coming Up Green!

Throughout the growing season, Nat Ratchen waits patiently for a first peek at the crops he’s lovingly nurtured. Ratchen is the Farm Associate at Tufton Farm, which also houses Monticello’s Center for Historic Plants. It’s here that dedicated growers are working to restore farming to Monticello through sustainable agricultural systems and practices. Today, we caught […]

Over the Meadows and Through the Woods

Hunting for Edible Plants and Weeds at Monticello’s Tufton Farm On a misty, early spring morning late last month, Tufton Farm welcomed Jonathan Till, Executive Chef of the wildly popular Evening Star restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia for an inaugural forage through the property. Till, a self-taught forager who embraces innovative (and delicious) culinary creations, spoke […]