Cooking with Fire – and History: The Franco-Virginia Cuisine of Monticello

Friday, Sep. 20th: 11 am - 1 pm Woodland Pavilion Paula Marcoux

Let your inner cook work — and dine — with your inner historian in this memorable exploration of the trend-setting Franco-Virginian cuisine of Monticello.

Join us to learn hands-on, live-fire cooking techniques using period recipes associated with the fabled cooks (and chief eater) at Monticello. Food historian Paula Marcoux will lead participants in broiling, frying, stewing and even scorching their way to a delicious mid-day tasting menu — made with a range of appropriate meats and fish and as much fresh produce from the Monticello garden as we can harvest! Our bill of fare will draw from recipes connected with Thomas Jefferson and James Hemings in both France and Virginia as we prepare such dishes as matelote de lapin, pork cutlets with sauce Robert, snow eggs and burnt cream. Participants will dine on the recipes they’ve prepared and enjoy a glass of Virginia wine with their meal.

Paula Marcoux

Paula Marcoux

Paula Marcoux is a food historian who lives in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The author of Cooking with Fire (Storey 2014), she has worked professionally as an archaeologist, cook and bread-oven builder. She is the food editor of Edible South Shore & South Coast magazine, writes on food history topics for popular and academic audiences, and consults with museums, film producers and publishers. She regularly gives workshops on natural leavening, historic baking and wood-fired cooking through PlymouthCRAFT. and