Cured Pork – The “Plantation Fuel”

Saturday, Sept. 22nd: 10:30 - 11:30 am Historic Kitchen
Included with Admission

The “fuel” that kept the Monticello household operating was cured pork. Dry-cured hams were a fixture in the dining room, and rations of pickled pork filled the pots of enslaved workers. In Jefferson’s day, bringing ham and bacon to the table was an involved operation. Join cookbook author, culinary historian and Dining at Monticello editor Damon Lee Fowler as he shares the fine art of curing, smoking and cooking the legendary Virginia hams, bacon and humbler cuts of salt pork. Tasty tidbits are included!

The Historic Kitchen has a maximum capacity of 20. 

Presentations repeat every 15 minutes.

Damon Lee Fowler

Damon Lee Fowler

Damon Lee Fowler is an author, culinary historian, cooking teacher, and nationally recognized authority on Southern cooking and its history. He is the author of nine cookbooks, including Essentials of Southern Cooking and Ham: A Savor the South Cookbook, and was recipe developer and editor of Dining at Monticello, In Good Taste and Abundance.