Fall into the Perfect Winter Garden

Friday, Sept. 21st: 12 - 1 pm Classroom 7, Visitor Center

Gardens don’t have to end when the frost comes! SESE Seed Inventory Manager Ken Bezilla shows participants how to expand your garden’s production, and feel happier about your winter trips to the grocery store. September is the month for planting fall and winter greens, and there is still time to get some root crops in the ground. Keep your veggies alive through zero-degree nights, and enjoy good harvests all the way through April. Emphasis will be on low-tech production — floating row cover, mulch, a good thermometer, and an eye on the weather.

Ken Bezilla

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Ken Bezilla

Ken Bezilla has farmed for 20 years in Oregon, Missouri and Virginia. He is the seed inventory manager for Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (SESE). When he escapes the office, he helps grow seed crops and variety trials for SESE, plus (of course) huge fall and winter gardens.