Jefferson’s Recipes: “In Good Taste and Abundance”

Saturday, Sept. 22nd: 12 - 1 pm Historic Kitchen
Included with Admission

Come hear about the recipes served at Jefferson’s table — little-known facts about foods we now take for granted. What did it take to spice, salt or render? How did the enslaved chefs create meals that combined roasted meats, fresh garden vegetables and dessert creams with imported ingredients — with little to no background on what these were? Where did the cookware come from, and what were some of the favorite dishes produced at Monticello?

Join Dr. Leni Sorensen as she shares stories and lessons from the Monticello kitchen.

The Historic Kitchen has a maximum capacity of 20. 

Presentations repeat every 15 minutes.

Dr. Leni Sorensen

Culinary Historian
Dr. Leni Sorensen

Dr. Leni Sorensen is a culinary historian and teacher of home provisioning and rural life skills. A lecturer, consultant and writer, Sorensen has been working in colleges, at festivals and for historic house museums for more than 30 years. The dynamic owner of Indigo House (a farm where she raises animals to cook and cultivates produce to serve at her chef’s table dinners and cooking lessons), Dr. Sorensen is a PhD expert in 18th- and 19th-century cooking methods used by Virginia housewives and slaves, including those who cooked for Thomas Jefferson. Most recently, Sorensen was named “Virginia Female Chef” by USA Today in their article “50 States – 50 Female Chefs.”