Landscape Archaeology of Monticello

Friday, Sept. 21st: 3 - 4 pm Fish Pond, Mountaintop

Join Monticello’s Director of Archaeology, Fraser Neiman, on a behind-the-scenes walk exploring the physical traces of Jefferson’s ornamental landscape. Beginning at the East Walk, Dr. Neiman takes us to the roundabout road system, timber zone and grove, the Ha-Ha, the West Lawn and the vegetable garden. Along the way, guests will learn how recent research – including the study of pollen – has advanced our understanding of the mountaintop landscape.

Fraser Neiman

Director of Archaeology at Monticello
Fraser Neiman

Fraser Neiman is director of archaeology at Monticello. He also teaches archaeology in the departments of Anthropology and Architectural History at UVA. His current research focuses on the archaeology of the slave societies that evolved in the Chesapeake and Caribbean in the early modern era.