Making the Most of Your Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Experience

Friday, Sept. 21st: 12 - 1 pm Woodland Pavilion, Visitor Center

Community-supported agriculture (commonly referred to as CSA) provides the consumer with an opportunity to buy food grown or produced by local farms and businesses. Learn how to select and maximize a CSA to fit your lifestyle. Bellair Farm CSA Operations Manager Michelle McKenzie will discuss how to choose a CSA that works for you. Learn what you might grow at home in a CSA supplement garden, as well as cooking tips, meal planning and easy preservation techniques to get the most from your bounty.

Michelle McKenzie

Operations Manager, Bellair Farm CSA
Michelle McKenzie

Michelle McKenzie grew up in a family of gardeners. After receiving a liberal arts degree from the College of William and Mary, she began farming in 2011 as part of Bellair Farm CSA’s first field crew. Now operations manager alongside mentor Jamie Barrett, McKenzie still has a personal garden of flowers and specialty crops on the farm to “supplement” the 40 acres of produce grown there.