No Bare Ground

Friday, Sept. 21st: 10:30 - 11:30 am Classroom 7, Visitor Center

Learn to use the space between your main and catch crops, building fertility to provide habitat and sustenance for beneficial insects. The commitment to keeping the spaces between your crops planted will protect the soil from the damaging impact of extreme weather events. Learn to undersow taller crops such as broccoli and tomatoes and oversow lower crops such as carrots and beets. Develop a sense of timing that lets you squeeze pea shoots or radishes into the space between crops such as Chinese cabbage, fennel or onions. This workshop is conducted by Patryk Battle of Living Web Farms, where hands-on learning comes to life.

Patryk Battle

Director, Living Web Farms
Patryk Battle

Patryk Battle has been involved in various aspects of food production and service for more than 40 years and has been a professional grower for 30 of those – specifically as the grower for market gardens to high-end restaurants. He has had the inspiration and support to pursue innovative growing techniques, continually seeking out exciting new vegetable varieties and cultural methods that ensure the very best quality. As the director of Living Web Farms, Battle is continually privileged to seek out and disseminate the most promising paths to the development of agricultural systems that are environmentally regenerative and produce nutrient-dense, delicious food.