Shaken, or Stirred? Crafting Colonial Cocktails

Friday, Aug. 23rd: 6 - 8 pm Woodland Pavilion Brandon Dillard, Christian Tenney

Join Dillon and Tenney for an awesome evening of imbibing history! 

This event has it all. From spicy stories of drinks and drams to sips and samples of historical recipes, participants will enjoy cocktail demos while learning about the origins of these mixtures and the role they played at Monticello. There’s much to share! Did you know, for example, that Peter Jefferson bought Shadwell (Thomas’ boyhood home) for a bowl of punch?

You’re on the evening program as well! Partakers will craft a concoction of their own, using a selection of ingredients provided to inspire budding mixologists. Prizes for the best creation? Of course! Local bar celeb judges? You bet!

Don your best tavern get-up and make your way to Monticello for an interactive evening of good cheer. The event includes a sumptuous spread from our Farm Table café, alcoholic (or not) beverages, tastings and contest ingredients. 

Convenient parking is available at the David M. Rubenstein Visitor Center at Monticello.

So Prost! A Votre Santé! Salute and salud!

See you at the bar!

Brandon Dillard

Manager of Special Programs at Monticello
Brandon Dillard

Brandon Dillard is manager of special programs at Monticello. Dillard joined the Thomas Jefferson Foundation in 2010 and worked as a frontline interpreter for six years before assuming his current position. Prior to joining Monticello, Dillard worked for twenty years in the food and beverage industry. He spent most of these years as a bartender, but has held almost every conceivable restaurant position.

Dillard worked in several nationally acclaimed restaurants in the Central Virginia and Atlanta areas.  He relished his time in the industry as it afforded him the opportunity to create cocktail pairings alongside James Beard nominated chefs. He helped pioneer the modern resurgence in “farm to table” concepts, and was instrumental in bringing the craft cocktail movement to Charlottesville. Dillard loved his time as a bartender because he loves people – happily serving a pousse café or a Bud Light with the equal levels of hospitality.and will happily serve a pousse café or a Bud Light with equal levels of hospitality.  His people-love translates into his current work at Monticello where Dillard teaches staff to interact with people from all over the world and bring complex history to life for the general public.

Christian Tenney

Development Officer at the Jefferson Foundation
Christian Tenney

The founder of Cocktails 101° Consulting, Monticello’s Christian Tenney has blended his background in historic preservation with his passion for cocktail and beverage culture into a side career. With over a decade of primary source historic cocktail book research and a technical database background, Tenney spends his free time indexing, cataloging, and vetting punch, cocktail, and soda fountain recipes into his comprehensive cocktail database. Though never a bartender, he has spoken on the topic of liquid history at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Cedar Grove. Tenney has created custom cocktails for Road & Track Magazine and other clients, and constantly educates friends, family, and colleagues about the finer points of historic drink making – whether they wish to learn so or not.

And oh, yes. Tenney currently works in the development department for the Thomas Jefferson Foundation.