Shrubs and Switchels: Colonial Drinks for Modern Times

Friday, Sept. 21st: 10:30 - 11:30 am Classroom 6, Visitor Center

Shrubs and switchels (drinking/sipping vinegars) were popular drinks during Colonial times. A shrub is a blend of fruit, sugar and vinegar that was used to preserve fruit and herbs long after the harvest, during an era when refrigeration was not available. Switchels were consumed by people who had jobs involving heavy labor. Learn two methods for making your own shrubs and switchels with Krista Rahm, owner/operator of Forrest Green Farm. We’ll discuss the benefits of preserving fruits from the garden, and the addition of herbs for taste and health benefits. Samplings and recipes included in this workshop.

Krista & Rob Rahm

Forrest Green Farm
Krista & Rob Rahm

In 1992, Krista and Rob Rahm purchased a farm in Louisa, Virginia, with the dream of raising their children with a close connection to nature while respecting seasonal living, and experiencing the value and health benefits of producing their own food. The Rahm family began the journey to make their farm sustainable by growing fruits and vegetables, raising animals for their meat, and growing and cultivating herbs for healing. After many years of learning to live off the land, studying with medicinal herbal mentors and making farming their full-time occupation, the Rahms began a new mission to educate people about “whole living” by supplying products and offering classes to support their mission. At Forrest Green Farm, they offer educational classes, more than 400 varieties of herbs, vegetables and flowering plants, pasture-raised chickens, grass-fed beef, eggs, herbal teas, dips, seasonings, personal care products, naturally grown hay and registered Miniature Hereford cows. During the winter they use their greenhouses for a winter CSA of specialty greens and salad mixes.