Tasting Tent: Tomato, Pepper & Melon Tasting

Saturday, Sept. 22nd: 10 am - 5 pm Tasting Tent
Included with Admission
2007 - 1
September 2007

Nothing says summer in the garden like a luscious, vine-ripened heirloom tomato. Stop by to taste dozens of varieties of mouthwatering tomatoes, peppers and melons from the trail gardens at the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, co-founder of the Heritage Harvest Festival.

September 2015

Brandywine, Cherokee Purple, Amish Paste, Abe Lincoln: do you know how many kinds of tomatoes there are? Of course you don’t – nobody knows the number, and there are always new varieties being created. Serious researchers and passionate gardeners alike come up with more varieties every year and preservationists find as yet unknown tomatoes worth saving. If you’re crazy about flavor or love the diversity of color, shapes and sizes, stop by the Tasting Tent to try over 100 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and a few dozen heirloom peppers and melons.

Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

This year, the lush rich bounty of late summer heirloom tomatoes, peppers and melons are joined by the deep mellow flavors of fall, featuring oven-roasted garlic, squash and sweet potatoes. Stop by to taste dozens of varieties fresh from the trial gardens at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange – one of the founders of the Heritage Harvest Festival. Who can resist this many varieties?


Cherokee Purple | Mortgage Lifter | Green Zebra | Brandywine | Tropic | White Cherry | Matt’s Wild Cherry | Garden Peach | Kellog’s Breakfast | Yellow Pear | Roma | Hege German Pink | Delicious |
Isis Candy | Rosella Purple | Goldman’s Italian American | Indigo Cherry Drops | Dr. Carolyn – German Johnson | Dwarf Emerald Giant | Persimmon | Rose de Berne | Carbon | Mountain Princess | Little Lucky | Marglobe … And dozens more!


Ashe County Pimento | Carolina Wonder | Doe Hill Golden Bell | Orange Bell | Trueheart | Lipstick | Jimmy Nardello’s | Jupiter | Sweet Jemison | Red Cherry | Aji Dulce


Pike Muskmelons | Crimson Sweet Watermelon | Moon and Stars Watermelon | Orangeglo Watermelon | Trifecta Muskmelon


Roasted Heirloom Garlics and Perennial Onions | Winter Squash Varieties | Sweet Potatoes


Baby Ginger | Fresh Turmeric … and more