Tour and Seed Saving in the Monticello Flower Garden

Friday, Sept. 21st: 1:30 - 2:30 pm Fish Pond, Mountaintop

Join Debbie Donley, Monticello’s specialty gardener, for a tour of Jefferson’s flower gardens, and a hands-on, seed-saving workshop. Learn about identifying seeds, proper harvesting methods, cleaning and storage. Participants will receive a selection of the seeds they have harvested from the garden.

Debbie Donley

Debbie Donley

Debbie Donley joined Monticello in 2004 as a flower gardener. She has led numerous workshops as part of the Saturdays in the Garden program with topics including “Seed Saving” and “Watercolor Painting in the Garden”.  Also a professional artist, she has been selling her Children’s NAME Pictures at the Charlottesville City Market since 1991.