Brandon Dillard

Manager of Special Programs at Monticello
Brandon Dillard

Brandon Dillard is manager of special programs at Monticello. Dillard joined the Thomas Jefferson Foundation in 2010 and worked as a frontline interpreter for six years before assuming his current position. He supports frontline staff in presenting complex history and manages the interpretation of slavery. He holds a degree in philosophy and literature and is currently in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at UVA where he studies cultural anthropology. His focus is museums and historic sites as they relate to memory and identity with a specific emphasis on race, class and gender constructs. He also spent 20 years in the food and beverage industry, where he managed several restaurants and directed award-winning beverage programs for nationally acclaimed chefs specializing in farm-to-table projects.

Brandon Dillard's Events

10:30 - 11:30 amFriday

The Enslaved Community and Monticello’s Plantation Harvest

Brandon Dillard

Brandon Dillard, Monticello’s manager of special programs, will share the stories of the skilled chefs, artisans, and people who...

Fish Pond, Mountaintop