Erick New

Co-owner, Garden District
Erick New

Garden District co-owners Greg Campbell and Erick New have a partnership of boundless creativity combined with an anything-can-be-done attitude. They have navigated the vibrant labyrinth of floriculture together for 25 years.

Campbell and New began as newcomers for John Hoover Flowers in Midtown Memphis. Following the owner’s death in 1995, both stayed with the shop in different capacities. New continued to work part- time while attending the University of Memphis. Campbell assumed partial ownership of the shop and updated the name. Soon after, the boutique moved to its current home where the two became co-owners, and Garden District was in full bloom.

The florists operate in tandem as architect and engineer. Be it a skyscraping installation or an unobtrusive centerpiece, they weave flowers and greenery into textural structures that bring people together for every occasion.

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Tabletop Tips for the Perfect Harvest Event

Erick New

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