Pat Brodowski

Specialty Gardener at Monticello
Pat Brodowski

Pat Brodowski, specialty gardener at Monticello, plants and maintains the plantation’s two-acre kitchen garden comprising heirloom vegetables and herbs. She researches and grows varieties most likely grown by Thomas Jefferson and produces seeds for The Shop at Monticello. She received bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Cornell University and was an educator and historian at a 19th-century farm museum for eight years. She recently researched the history of Jefferson’s herbs and salad greens for her master’s degree.

Pat Brodowski's Events

1:30 - 2:30 pmFriday

Follow the Flavor: A Tour of Jefferson’s Vegetable Garden

Pat Brodowski

Join Chairman of Carolina Gold Rice Dr. David Shields with Pat Brodowski, vegetable gardener at Monticello, on a walk...

Garden Pavilion, Mountaintop