Rob Mullin

Production Manager, Three Notch’d Brewing Company
Rob Mullin

A recent addition to the Three Notch’d team, Rob Mullin was born in Munich, Germany – a proud descendant of a long line of moonshiners, bootleggers and speakeasy owners.  A political campaign manager in a former life, D.C. burnout and a chance encounter with a home-brew starter kit changed his life forever.

Under the tutelage of John Mallet (Bell’s Brewing) and Ron Barchet (Victory Brewing), Mullin began his new life as a craft brewer bouncing from Virginia to Manhattan to the Tap Rock Restaurant and Brewery in New Jersey. In 2002, he left the East Coast to become head brewer at Grand Teton Brewing Co. Here, he shifted the company’s focus from traditional ale to more hop-forward styles associated with the region.

Rising to C.O.O at Grand Teton, Mullin also served as vice president of Idaho’s Brewers Guild. He has received four World Beer Cup medals, 13 Great American Beer Festival medals and 26 North American Beer Awards medals. He currently serves as production manager for Three Notch’d Brewing Company, working closely with the team in overseeing and streamlining the brewery.

Rob Mullin's Events

3 - 4 pmFriday

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Rob Mullin

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Woodland Pavilion, Visitor Center
3 - 4 pmSaturday

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Rob Mullin

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