Tim Gearhart

Gearhart’s Fine Chocolates
Tim Gearhart

At a time when ingredients like cardamom, chilis and fresh herbs simply weren’t found in American chocolate, a globe-trotting chef dared to dream of an artisanal chocolate shop in the South. Gearhart began his journey to chocolatier by wandering the world through its kitchens. He toured the Far East as a Marine Corps cook, trained in pastry at the Culinary Institute of America and then honed his craft everywhere from an English castle to a Western dude ranch. Inspired by his travels and eager to craft chocolates that reflected them, he returned home to Virginia to set up shop amid Charlottesville’s emerging food scene.


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1:30 - 2:30 pmFriday

The “Superiority” of Chocolate

Tim Gearhart

Writing to John Adams from Paris in 1785, Thomas Jefferson commented on the “superiority” of chocolate, “both for health...

Classroom 5, Visitor Center