Zack Worrell

Founder, Monolith Knives
Zack Worrell

Worrell, grew up surrounded by a talented and creative family of entrepreneurs and artists from Virginia. Each of them creative, progressive, and successful in their endeavors.  As a child, he spent countless hours building cities and machines with legos, later transcending into everything from building tree forts, large fish aquarium projects, elaborate stereo systems, modifying motocross dirt bikes and mountain bikes, customizing cars and vintage motorcycles. All things he learned working with others, or just by trial and error. As a young entrepreneur, Worrell gained knowledge of technology and business through exposure to his family’s 50 year foray into newspaper publishing.

Zack Worrell's Events

1:30 - 2:30 pmSaturday

Tools of the Trade: Craft in the Kitchen

Zack Worrell

Join in a conversation with several of Virginia’s finest craftsmen, and learn how to properly identify and use the...

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