Jumpstart Your Holiday Shopping

As if pandemic and election stressors weren’t enough, we now find ourselves smack in the middle of a holiday shopping season unlike any we’ve known. With an unending barrage of ads pushing us to grab anything and everything “before it’s gone,” can buying presents ever be wonderful again?

To this we say a resounding yes! and have tasked our farm and garden team with the important job of putting “joy” back on top of your list – by sharing their own special gift picks for friends and family. Each of these items is available from The Shop at Monticello, where inventory is lovingly selected by an expert retail group who truly believes in the pleasure of giving.

But wait. Is this a gift list, or a wish list? Works for us either way!

Keith Nevison, Farm & Nursery Manager

Gift under $50

Young Gardener Seed Collection – $26

With his own little guy at home, it’s not surprising that Nevison has this as a gift pick. Packaged in an attractive, reusable tin, this seed collection includes easy-to-grow annual vegetables, herbs, and edible flowers, selected with the novice gardener in mind.

Sky’s the Limit Pick

Monticello Teak Campeachy Chair – $1,295

Nevison’s ultimate gift choice – perfect for the naps he never has time to take! Jefferson’s first shipment of what he referred to as “that easy kind of chair” was lost at sea. Monticello’s beautifully crafted new version follows the form of an original chair made for the founding father.

Peggy Cornett, Curator of Plants

Gift under $50

Garden Pocket Tool – $32

This compact, multi-functional pocket tool does it all: cut, clip, prune, and shear. Crafted in stainless steel with an ash wood handle, we can attest that Cornett’s got one on hand whenever we find her in Jefferson’s 1,000 ft. terraced garden!

Sky’s the Limit Pick

Monticello Stemware: Champagne Flute – $79

Also available as a wine or cordial glass, Cornett has her eye on these stunning champagne flutes. Jefferson purchased a great deal of glassware between 1767 and 1821, but very little survives. Our stemware, based on a rare original, is mouth-blown full lead crystal, cut and etched by hand with a sprig and wheel band. A close look at the rim etchings reveals tiny tulips – a favorite Jefferson flower.

Lily Fox-Bruguiere, Operations Coordinator & Seed Program Lead

Gift under $50

Floral Fossil Pottery Bowl – $34 – $50

Handmade in Virginia with flowers and herbs collected from Monticello’s Center for Historic Plants, Fox-Bruguiere has gifted these unique and wonderful bowls numerous times and will continue to do so! Available in many formats, including plates and platters, these are made by pressing the plants into the clay before firing to give the effect of a fossil, then hand painted. Lead free, dishwasher, oven and microwave safe! Signed by the artist: Neena Jhaveri.

Sky’s the Limit Pick

Rolling Pin, crafted from Monticello Trees – $165

A truly exceptional gift for anyone who loves to bake. These handcrafted rolling pins are created from Monticello Tulip Poplar trees planted by Thomas Jefferson that have been removed over the years due to age. Fox-Bruguiere claims that cookies made from these pins are historically delicious!

David Givens, Food & Beverage Manager at Farm Table

Gift under $50

Monticello Hot and Spicy Gift Bag – $32

Really, Givens’ under $50 was Monticello’s Bloody Mary Mix. But when he saw this holiday gift bag, he had to adjust his pick. An avid mixologist, Givens swears by the drink mix as the perfect base for a full proof or no proof cocktail. Throw in the hot sauce, spicy peanuts and our signature honey (surprise – it’s in our hot sauce!) and this gift is a sure-fire winner.

Sky’s the Limit Pick

Monticello Toasting Flutes Gift Set – $185

When two of our crew independently choose the same gift, you know it’s special. Givens’ suggests the champagne flute gift set, nestled in a beautiful black velvet lined gift box. Not just for the holidays – this gift is perfect for celebrating weddings, anniversaries and any other momentous occasion. Cheers!

Leslie Bradley, Event Specialist & Heritage Harvest Festival Coordinator

Gift (almost) under $50

Monticello Honey Skin Care Set – $59

We gave Bradley special permission to go slightly over on her under $50 recommendation because this set is worth the splurge. Made with honey collected from our own hives, the products are truly luxurious. Bradley swears by the body butter – the best she’s ever used. It smells divine and is extra effective at rejuvenating dry skin (pro tip: if you’re in town, it’s available at the shop as a single item – for $12.95!). This set is the perfect gift for your mother or bff.

Sky’s the Limit Pick

Monticello Sugar Maple Bowl 20-268 – $245

Handcrafted by artist Kirk McCauley, this exquisite bowl is constructed from a Sugar Maple that once stood on the grounds at Monticello. Thomas Jefferson undoubtedly ranked trees at the top of his hierarchical chart of favorite garden plants – visitors to Monticello were often given tours of the grounds, which included a rambling survey of what one guest described as Jefferson’s “pet trees.” At The Shop, you’ll find a remarkable selection of nature-inspired, one-of-a-kind gift items created by a selection of artisans that will be treasured and passed on for generations. Items change regularly – check back often for new additions to the collection.