Petals Above the Rest

On April 10, designer Gregory Britt shared some mad flower arranging skills with more than 200 budding florists from across the country. We asked our virtual class attendees to send photos of the compositions they created, and were blown away by the results.  With thanks to all who joined us for this wonderful event – […]

Shrubs: Preserving Your Fruit (and Drinking It Too)

Posted by Robert Yule, co-author of Spirits, Sugar, Water, Bitters: How the Cocktail Conquered the World, published by Rizzoli in 2019 As we shift from winter to spring in Virginia and gardens begin to bloom, my mind turns to shrubs – and not the topiary kind. I’m thinking of those vinegary fruit libations that are […]

Chicken, White Bean and Kale Soup with Gremolata Topping

There’s nothing more comforting (or delicious) than a bowl of homemade soup prepared and served on a chilly winter day. While there’s no wrong way to make chicken soup, here’s a hearty recipe from Monticello Farm Table Chef David Bastide that’s definitely in the “right way” category – one you’ll surely want to add to […]

Hanging It Up: Door Décor Extraordinaire

Ask our Gardens & Grounds team to share their favorite part of preparing for and presenting Monticello’s annual wreath workshops and you’ll likely hear the same answer: seeing the beautiful creations participants make at the end of the class. This year, we missed the show and tell as the workshop went virtual for the first […]

Monticello in the Moment

Beautiful at any time, the house and grounds at Monticello are particularly enchanting in the light of early winter – no matter the time of day. This exquisite collection of images was captured by two talented photographers: Bill Bergen, Monticello guide and historian, and Charlottesville Videographer Ian Atkins, who works regularly with Monticello on livestream […]

A Cookie Kind of Day

Nana’s Snickerdoodle Cookies American Heritage Gourmet Hot Cocoa For so many of us, it wouldn’t be the holidays without sharing a plate (or several) of holiday cookies. If you haven’t made these at home yourself, we suggest you start with Nana’s Snickerdoodle recipe – a treasured seasonal tradition shared by Monticello Director of Events and […]