Compost Your Worries, Share Your Joys.

Posted by Jennifer Jewell, author of The Earth in Her Hands: 75 Extraordinary Women Working in the World of Plants Meet Jewell at Monticello’s Heritage Harvest Festival on October 3rd! I would never have wished tragedy to get people to garden more, or to value gardening as an activity of proactive sustainability. But wow.  The […]

Take a Walk on the Wildflower Side

Peggy Cornett loves wildflowers. Each April, for decades, she and other Monticello horticulturists have led kindred flower-loving spirits on a rigorous 5-mile walk to experience the abundant variety of ephemeral wildflowers in bloom throughout the Monticello woodlands. We know you can’t be with us this year, so Cornett created a virtual walk everyone can enjoy, no matter […]

Sea Kale and Prickly Spinach

Written by Joan Tupponce Photography by Jen Fariello As published in Virginia Living Magazine Monticello’s head vegetable gardener grows traditional plants in a modern garden. Most people would not accept a job offer based on sea kale, but that’s exactly what Pat Brodowski did when she became head gardener of the vegetable garden at Monticello […]

Food for Thought…and Belly!

posted by Monticello’s Debbie Donley and Jessica Bryars None of us anticipated the sudden need to stay close to home and ‘self-isolate’ to varying degrees. With little time to pre-plan, we find ourselves searching for ways to fill the many hours previously spent at work and in the company of others. Nature Journal: Food for […]

Celebrating Nature’s Trumpet: Daffodils at Monticello

Posted by Peggy Cornett, Curator of Plants at Monticello The first daffodils still trumpet the arrival of spring each year at Monticello. During March and April, a succession of Narcissus varieties bloom in the Monticello flower beds, as well as in clumps in the surrounding fields and along woodland paths. In 1816, while away from […]

Natural Inspirations for Home Isolated Kids

Posted by Keith Nevison, Monticello Manager of Farm and Nursery Operations Calling all avid gardeners – young and young at heart! With millions of America’s children currently ‘stuck at home’, we’d like to share some ideas for gardening, art, and nature-based projects that kids and parents can enjoy together. No kids? No problem! Several of […]