Celebrating Nature’s Trumpet: Daffodils at Monticello

Posted by Peggy Cornett, Curator of Plants at Monticello The first daffodils still trumpet the arrival of spring each year at Monticello. During March and April, a succession of Narcissus varieties bloom in the Monticello flower beds, as well as in clumps in the surrounding fields and along woodland paths. In 1816, while away from […]

Natural Inspirations for Home Isolated Kids

Posted by Keith Nevison, Monticello Manager of Farm and Nursery Operations Calling all avid gardeners – young and young at heart! With millions of America’s children currently ‘stuck at home’, we’d like to share some ideas for gardening, art, and nature-based projects that kids and parents can enjoy together. No kids? No problem! Several of […]

Your January Garden: Plan, Prepare, and Start to Plant

Lengthening days and slowly rising temperature call out for early planting. Thomas Jefferson advised sowing a thimble-full of lettuce every Monday from February to September. We like that advice, and extend it a few weeks in each direction to harvest weekly fresh salad year-long. So in mid-January, get started with sowing lettuce and bulb onions […]

The Price Tag of Shadwell: Arrack Punch

Submitted by Christian Tenney, Monticello Development Staff and Founder of Cocktails 101° Consulting Peter Jefferson famously purchased Shadwell, the birthplace and early home of Thomas Jefferson, in 1736 from William Randolph for the price of “[his] biggest bowl of Arrack punch.” Today that might seem like a paltry sum for acquiring 200 acres of land. However, […]

Gluten-free Cornbread That Passes the Holiday Test

Submitted by Jessica Bryars, Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants With the holidays fast approaching, it’s time to begin pulling together recipes to share with family and friends. I’m from southern Alabama and grew up eating cornbread dressing with every holiday meal. Now that I’m gluten-free, I have adapted a simple cornbread recipe that is […]