Growing Outside the Box: Bountiful and Beautiful Foodscapes for All

Saturday, Sep. 21st: 3 - 4 pm Festival Tent Brie Arthur
Included with Admission

Author and horticulturist Brie Arthur is on a mission to share practical advice about growing your favorite plants. Now everyone can have GREEN THUMB confidence!

Aiming to change the way landscapes are designed and managed, Arthur encourages everyone to “think outside of the box.” Discover how to create a beautiful and bountiful space that engages people of all ages through her signature design technique of Foodscaping.

Get inspired to make the most of your landscape by growing edible and ornamental plants in the same space. From containers and vertical gardens to creative landscaping ideas, Arthur will explain simple strategies to foodscape, including how to plant a bed edge to deter voles and other problem mammals.

From having a party-ready patio that’s the talk of the neighborhood to a bountiful property border, Arthur will share expert growing tips for a successful harvest, including “yard-to-table” tips on making the world’s best Bloody Mary!

Brie Arthur

Growing A Greener World
Brie Arthur

Originally from southeastern Michigan, Brie Arthur studied Landscape Design and Horticulture at Purdue University. With more than a decade of experience as a grower and propagator at leading nurseries such as Plant Delights and Camellia Forest, she now combines her passion for plants and sustainable land management by communicating the value of gardening across the US; Arthur has been dubbed a revolutionary for her leadership in the suburban Foodscape movement and for her work with public schools across the US. She appears as correspondent on the PBS Television show “Growing A Greener World” and her debut book, The Foodscape Revolution has become a best seller on Amazon. This year Arthur was honored as the first recipient of the American Horticultural Society’s Emerging Horticultural Professional Award.