History in a Glass – Wine and the White House

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An engaging conversation about the important role wine plays in White House hospitality, the nation’s diplomacy, and American history.

In the second installment of our popular History in a Glass class series, we’ll explore the notable influence of wine on diplomatic relations and social entertaining at the White House, with an emphasis on those presidents who recognized the important role this libation played. Participants will learn who appreciated and enjoyed wine, who considered it merely a ceremonial necessity, and which presidents rigorously campaigned to outlaw wine and ban it from the White House altogether. The program will include a special segment on Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States and the “Founding Father” of American wine. As author Fred Ryan writes in his stunning new book, Wine and the White House, “Jefferson can be credited with establishing many of the White House traditions that endure to this day, including cherished social customs, which he recognized as an important part of presidential leadership.”

Following the event, participants will receive a curated selection of recipes by Monticello’s Farm Table Chef David Bastide. In honor of President’s Day, the selections will focus on courses inspired by those Jefferson may have served during his time in the White House and will include suggested Virginia and French wine pairings.

The program will feature moderator Stewart D. McLaurin, President of the White House Historical Association in conversation with Anthea M. Hartig, Ph.D., Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of American HistoryLeslie Greene Bowman, President and CEO of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, and Frederick J. Ryan, Jr., Publisher and CEO of the Washington Post and author of “Wine and the White House: A History.”

About the Book

Whether you’re a devotee of Presidential History, a wine lover, or both, Wine and the White House: A History is sure to prove informative and engaging. The remarkable first publication of its kind, it is a comprehensive journey through the history of White House hospitality that explores every president’s experience of wine. The beautifully illustrated pages feature memorable presidential toasts, menus from historic White House gatherings, a catalog of vintages served and spectacular new photography of the White House glassware collection.

Pre-order your copy of “Wine and the White House” here.

With Thanks

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation thanks the White House Historical Association for their partnership in this very special program.