Leslie Bouterie

Leslie Bouterie

Leslie Bouterie joined the Monticello beekeeping team in 2015. After moving to Charlottesville from Washington, DC where she worked in museum education and development, Bouterie soon became involved with Monticello’s apiaries. Her keen interest in honeybees prompted research, continuing education, and enthusiastic participation in apiary projects and improvements. Despite the need to carry an Epipen, she is passionate about honeybees and is dedicated to fostering the Monticello Bee Project and complementary Community Outreach endeavors.

Leslie Bouterie's Events

1:30 - 3 pmFriday

Secrets to Successful Beekeeping: Celebrating 10-Years of the Monticello Russian Honeybee

Leslie Bouterie

Although apiaries throughout the state of Virginia have suffered significant losses — often averaging close to 40% for the...

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