Lou Hatch

Floral Designer, Monticello House Supervisor
Lou Hatch

Lou Hatch has worked at Monticello since the 1990’s. Currently, she supervises the daily operations of house and behind-the-scene tours to ensure these wonderful events run seamlessly for our guests. Hatch also conducts garden and slavery tours at Monticello.

In addition to the many hats she wears at Monticello, Hatch is a part-time floral designer and instructor. She has worked with The Finishing Touch florist for more than 20 years, and teaches the widely popular wreath and tabletop arrangement workshops at Monticello. Hatch oversees the design and installation of Monticello’s house holiday decorations.

Lou Hatch's Events

3:30 - 5 pmFriday

Fundamentals of Floral Design

Lou Hatch

Addicted to Pinterest but just can’t make your arrangement look like the one in the photo? Frustrated that the...

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