Pat Brodowski

Specialty Gardener at Monticello
Pat Brodowski

Pat Brodowski, specialty gardener at Monticello, plants and maintains the plantation’s two-acre kitchen garden comprising heirloom vegetables and herbs. She researches and grows varieties most likely grown by Thomas Jefferson and produces seeds for The Shop at Monticello. She received a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from Cornell University and was an educator and historian at a 19th-century farm museum for eight years. She recently researched the history of Jefferson’s herbs and salad greens for her master’s degree.

Pat Brodowski's Events

10:30 - 11:30 amFriday

Food is My Flag: A Garden Walkabout with Michael Twitty

Pat Brodowski

Savor the familiar and unusual plants that fused into Southern cuisine as Michael Twitty, James Beard Award-winning author of...

Garden Pavilion, Mountaintop