Paul Legrand

Paul Legrand

Paul Legrand has been a beekeeper for more than 28 years. When relocating to Charlottesville, he continued his passion for honeybees by starting and maintaining an apiary at Monticello in the spring of 2010. That apiary is located just down the hill from Mr. Jefferson’s home. In the spring of 2012, Legrand began a second apiary at Tufton Farm, one of Jefferson’s original quarter farms, which is now home to The Center for Historic Plants. In 2014, he added a third apiary at James Monroe’s Highland, and in 2018, Legrand helped re-introduce an apiary at New Roots Farm, operated by the International Rescue Committee.

Legrand is committed to helping the apiaries provide valuable pollination services for the gardens of these historic properties and surrounding areas.

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Secrets to Successful Beekeeping: Celebrating 10-Years of the Monticello Russian Honeybee

Paul Legrand

Although apiaries throughout the state of Virginia have suffered significant losses — often averaging close to 40% for the...

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