Richard Morris

Urban Agriculture Collective, Charlottesville
Richard Morris

Richard Morris has 33 years of experience as a graphic and software designer/developer, writer, teacher, and project manager. He has worked in the corporate space across multiple industries, including aerospace, healthcare, education, finance, and farming. For ten years, he worked at Polyface Farm, at the foot of the Shenandoah Mountains, and has a lifetime of experience in the garden. Morris has raised pigs, chickens, and turkeys on a small Foodstead in Central Virginia with his wife and daughters. Currently, he works at City Schoolyard Garden, where he oversees the operations of the Urban Agriculture Collective of Charlottesville as the farm and foodroots program director.

Richard Morris's Events

10:30 - 11:30 amSaturday

How Does Food Justice Show Up in Your Community?

Richard Morris

It is often said that food is the common denominator that brings people together. Yet we are finding that food...

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